DEC 2014

My Brother,
During the first degree, we are presented in metaphor with both a perspective and an expectation of Masonry. For example, we hear that the principal rungs of the Jacob’s dream ladder leading to heaven represent Faith, Hope, and Charity. Of the three, we are told that Charity towards all mankind is the greatest, for it extends beyond the grave (our lifetime) in facilitating a better life for others. As well, we are encouraged during the closing of each regular communication to aid a brother in need and are reminded that all men deserve our kind offices.

We see our kind works and that of others in hospital and library pavilions; university legacies; charities, religious institutions, and benevolent societies. In our own Morristown Masonic Center, we practice our Masonic tenets by aiding a myriad of child, youth, adult, religious, and service organizations1. None of these churches, Masonic organizations, child development groups, Scout Troops, bands who use the Masonic Center are well endowed—rather the contrary. I wonder to whom they would turn if our nearly 100 year old Masonic Center were to close. Where would we ourselves turn?

I ask you, my brother, to recall when you lifted your eyes to the East and looked into the eyes of the Worshipful Master approaching you
On the step,
With the Due Guard, and
I ask you to recall a kindness or support or encouragement received from a brother.
I ask you to recall a time of camaraderie shared with your brothers in our lodge.

Then, I ask you to consider how you might contribute skills or dollars for the preservation of our Morristown Masonic Center and Cincinnati Lodge within. The first project is building a ramp for facilitating entry of our physically challenged officers and brothers; the second is restoring our unique three-five-seven entry steps to the building. There are more. You may designate your contribution, whether personal labor or dollars, whether large or small commitments of either, to the preservation fund and even for a specific project2.


Charlie Johnson
Worshipful Master