My Brother,

We met upon the level for our first communication of the New Year, discussing and agreeing to the following:

  • Lodge Communications will be open to all brothers regardless of degree held.
  • Standing committees will hold announced and open meetings once a quarter and will report the results of their deliberations at a communication during the same quarter.
  • We will have two Communications per month, one lodge business focused, one program oriented. WB Rob Gregory will continue his excellent Masonic Education programs. Other programs may be more secular, focusing on topics useful to you and brothers of other lodges.
  • Our Financial Committee is developing a budget for 2014; we will work within the approved budget.
  • We will have refreshments at each Communication, lighter at the lodge business meetings, more interesting when having a program/degree and expecting visitors. Refreshments are not intended to provide a complete meal for an attending brother.
  • Refreshments should be supported by the attending brothers either by a donation or otherwise.
  • We are requesting Past Masters to assist the lodge by mentoring newly initiated brothers, and participating in investigations of petitioners. Who knows the Craft better than they? This support will enable sitting officers to focus on the principle requirements of their respective positions.  RW Brothers Glenn Visscher and Russ Jayne will lead this effort. WB Rob Gregory will create an easily accessed chart for tracking initiated brothers’ advancement.
  • We will share degree work as much as possible with other lodges of the 11th District for progressing candidates through degrees in a timely manner. Once initiated, we will engage a brother in lodge activities.
  • In lieu of the traditional Valentine’s Dance, an ad hoc committee is investigating our holding a St. Patrick’s Day event on the day of the Morristown Parade (March 15) as a potential fundraiser and Masonic awareness event. This may be open to Masons, families, parade participants, and parade viewers. We will hear the committee’s recommendations at our business meeting on January 27th.
  • We will use Social Media for promoting the activities of our lodge. No ritual work will be publicized and only pictures authorized by brothers will be published.
  • The Building Committee will identify projects and prioritize the work for preserving our soon to be 100 year old Masonic Center; and the Financial Committee will investigate strategies for funding needed projects. The Building Committee will identify projects for Boy and Girl Scouts needing service and leadership projects for advancing to higher ranks. Work days will be planned when brothers can perform minor maintenance work.

Simply stated, our principal goal for 2014 is strengthening Cincinnati Lodge physically, fiscally, and fraternally. Every brother, near or far, can contribute whether it is the application of inherent skills, a day of working with his brothers, cooking, or treasure. Recall fondly your time and emotions in Lodge, then think of how you might participate.

May brotherly love prevail and may we resolve all our differences on the level.


Charlie Johnson, WM