JAN 2017

My Brother,
Funerals are as old as mankind itself. A Masonic Funeral Service is the final tribute we can
pay to our fallen Brother. That is the time to thank the Brother’s family for allowing him to share
his  time on Earth with our Fraternity by your presence.
The Masonic Funeral Service is one of the most beautiful pieces of work that appears in our
Craft. It is simple, honest, and straight-forward, it offers each of us an opportunity to reflect upon
our own mortality, while reaffirming our own faith in a higher being. No one, Mason or non-Mason,
can listen to our funeral service and not be impacted by the soft, caring and powerful words that
touch the heart of every person present.
In the funeral service, we are reminded that you can do nothing more of a material nature for
the departed Brother. Nevertheless, you can cherish his memory, and offer the tribute of respect
and love to the late Brother’s memory. Of even greater importance, you can be there to extend our
fraternal sympathy to our Brother’s deeply afflicted and sorrowing family in their bereavement. We
tell his loved ones just that by our physical presence.
Let us show the world that we practice Brotherly love. To family and friends. To both Mason
and non-Mason alike. All the way to the very last moments.
Brian K. Mandel
Worshipful Master