Dear Brother,

While the holidays, solstice and New Year may present a myriad of complexities and distractions, this season also offers the opportunity to pause and reflect more deeply on life, to clarify priorities and affirm clear directions and intentions for the year to come.  During this busy time, I respectfully ask you to set aside a few moments to consider the question of Freemasonry.

Brother, what came you here to do?

We all have our own reasons why we knocked on the door of the Lodge.  We might have family ties to Freemasonry, some are drawn to Freemasonry because of a Mason they have met and admired in the community.  Some men are drawn to Freemasonry because of our rich history, some because of the ties to the men who have shaped the world.  Some are drawn to associate with like-minded men who are searching for something bigger and better than themselves.  The reasons that men pursue the Craft are vast.

As we grow in the craft, we expand upon those reasons for our Masonic journey….

As we search for more light, we should always seek to improve ourselves in Masonry.  We are taught: “During your leisure hours we should improve in Masonic knowledge, converse with well-informed Brethren, and be always as ready to give, as to receive, instruction.”  It is our duty to continue our pursuit of this knowledge through reading and open discussion.  At Cincinnati Lodge, we have a wealth of knowledge within the walls of our own Lodge.  Our Lodge contains Brethren of all ages, of all vocations, who can aid us in our journey.  In addition, one of the greatest benefits of Freemasonry is our ability to travel to other Lodges, other Districts and jurisdictions in pursuit of more Masonic knowledge and meet other Brethren.

We should strive to perfect our ritual for it is through our degree work that a new candidate gets his first impression of our Lodge and members.  An excellent degree gives the candidate a strong first impression and a strong foundation in our great Fraternity.  However, the degree work is just the beginning, we must mentor and guide the new Brother through the lessons of our venerable Fraternity and continue to share Masonic knowledge in our meetings.  We have to help our Brethren pursue “that which they came here to do”, while creating an awareness of what our craft has to offer.

When considering all that our venerable Craft has to offer, I suspect that you still have not yet achieved all that you have come to do.  I would assert that Freemasonry is an incredible, never-ending journey that takes a man on a path to make him stronger and wiser, and what he does with those gifts reflect upon him and the community around him.

Author unknown
Tell me now, my Brother,
What came you here to do?
When you joined our mystic circle,
Had you a purpose in your heart
To be of service to your fellow man
And perform your allotted part,
Or came you out of curiosity
Or motive personal in view?
Tell me. Brother of the Square
What came you here to do?
Have you studied well the meaning
Of the symbols on our chart?
And learned to subdue your passions
And make improvements in your art?
Do you uphold the trusts
On which we firmly stand,
Teaching fatherhood of God
And brotherhood of man?
Have you willingly aided the brother
When life surges were fierce and wild?
Have you offered cheer and comfort
To the Mason’s wife, widow and child?
If you have done so, my brother,
You are a Mason good and true,
And can give a correct answer to
“What came you here to do?”

My Brother, there has never been a more admirable pursuit and there is no better time than now to get to work in the Quarry to reinvigorate our venerable Lodge, uplifting our ancient fraternity.  As we enter this new Masonic year, I now call the Craft to labor.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Wor. Robert J. Gregory, WM