January 2019

My Brothers,

“Ask Not what your country can do for you.  Ask what YOU can do for your Country”

This quote, uttered so many years ago by President John F. Kennedy, spurred many individuals of that generation into action.    With so much turmoil present in the world today, the quote retains its important significance.   People are now more involved with causes…People are trying to do the right thing, for the right reason….People try to help others without question or reward.

If we look closer at the quote, we can see a deeper Masonic significance in it as well.

“Ask Not what Freemasonry can do for you. Ask what YOU can do for Freemasonry”

If we look at our Fraternity, with its decreasing membership and often wavering interest, we ask ourselves the same question – what can WE do for Freemasonry, the Craft that we Love, to make it better?    There are many answers, but to me – my favorite is the simplest: “To Honor what Freemasonry is to each individual and what it stands for, and Celebrate the camaraderie it engenders.” 

Freemasonry is different things to different people – and no answer is wrong –

  • It is the goal of Universal Education, where each man should learn as much as he can, to better himself in any direction he chooses. It is the use of that Education to bring Light to the Darkness.
  • It is the ability to Celebrate both the differences in people and how we can work together in a common goal.
  • It is Wholehearted respect for the law of the land – a fundamental requirement of every Mason and a Masonic duty to combat the enemies of our constitutional government. Masonry is Organized Patriotism.
  • It is Charity and Brotherhood – not just giving of your money – but giving of your resources of time, love, joy and knowledge and light.

It is the task of each individual Mason, in his contemplation of national, state and local problems, to apply these age-old, unselfish and fundamental principles revealed and perfected in our ritual and Service.

  • It is Service, incarnate – Service to self, service to others, service to the world around you. By service towards a goal, we grow in the Light of knowledge and support.
  • It is Leadership – the ability to move men’s hearts through our words, actions and beliefs to motivate them to action and positive change. To be “out in front” and to make a difference.

Freemasonry is a state of mind….a state of action….a state of moral direction.    It stands for personal, moral, spiritual and ethical improvement.     It is our task to bring out the best part of man….the best part of ourselves….and share with others.

I challenge you to evaluate what Freemasonry means to you.   To help those around you to grow and flourish, by using your Masonry as a great moral force for the common good.   Practice the lessons that Masonry teaches – stand by the Plumb, the Square and the Level.   Be Involved with your Brethren, your Lodge, with your District and with the world around you.

May you, My Brother, Do Your Part!

In Brotherly Love,

RW Glenn T. Visscher, DRI, GLT

Worshipful Master