JUN 2014

My Brother,

You may recall that late last fall a fiercely angry person broke into our beloved Masonic Center bent on destruction. He was successful, badly breaking our antique altar as well as other Masonic furniture and artifacts. You know, too, that our insurance only covered a portion of this damage and that sustained during a subsequent attempt to burn the building.

A newly raised Masonic craftsman and skilled artisan has meticulously repaired our altar, inlaid with the working tools in the south, west and east faces. As well as fitting and filling the broken pieces, our brother refinished the beautiful walnut to highlight its eclectic grain. He also purposely stained lightly the inlaid decorative band that circumscribes the altar. He told me that the variant grain reminded him that each brother is unique, but the aggregate of friendship, fellowship, and contributions of each brother embodies the soul of our lodge. The now apparent circumscribing band reminded him that our entwined individual cable tows bound us to one another and to our fraternity, giving our lodge the collective strength of a cable. Simple symbolisms for each of us to consider whenever we cast our eyes towards the altar bearing the three great lights.

This same artisan brother recognized a need and befriended a brother in need of assistance. Although an able bodied Mason, the rod carrying arm of one of your officer’s is weak. Our artisan brother designed and built an assist for the officer’s mobile chair, facilitating the officer now adroitly carrying, shifting, and grounding his rod during Masonic ritual. When presented with the rod adapted chair, our recipient brother stated that this was the second most endearing expression of brotherly love that he had yet experienced in Masonry. One brother had strengthened the arm of another.

Truly, our Masonic wages of silver and gold are the kindness and personal sacrifice of time, talent, and treasure we render to one another. Truly, we are a band of brothers who genuinely care for and about one another; and truly, our eclectic personalities, talents, and temperaments blend harmoniously so that brotherly love does prevail. We are fortunate to be amongst good men who exemplify our virtuous tenets by their actions and commitment to serve regardless of circumstances and limitations.


Charlie Johnson
Worshipful Master