November 2015

My Brother,

Strength. For those of you who were fortunate enough to see Eric Moss’ presentation last month, you saw feats of strength. He is an old-time performing strongman and does a great show. But what do we know of strength, and how does it relate to Freemasonry? One could argue that strength is genetic. It partly is genetic, but a large part of strength is learned, believe it or not. True strength comes from within. This inward strength, strength of Spirit, is both genetic and learned. It is built on over the course of our lives. Every time we are challendged, we have a choice. Rise to the challenge and conquer it, or quit and fade away. It is this strength that forms our character and personality. It is this strength that is further cultivated in your journey as a Mason. It is why our Grand Fraternity has produced men of strong spirit and strong leaders. It is why we never shy away from a challenge. So you see, outward strength is just a manifestation of our inner strength. Until we meet again, my Brother, be a strong example of an upright man and a Mason. So mote it be.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

John L. LoSapio, Jr.
Worshipful Master