October 2015

My Brother,

The Square. What does it mean to our ancient craft and what does it symbolize to us today? We know a square is used by Operative masons; the builder’s square is 1/4 of a circle and is used to prove right angles. As Speculative Masons, we are taught to square our actions with all mankind, especially the Brethren. President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke about giving everyone a square deal…the phrase comes from Masonic teachings which he applied to the needs of our struggling nation during the Great Depression.

The Worshipful Master’s jewel is a square. It is a symbol widely associated with our Fraternity along with the Compasses and the Letter G. It is also a reminder to every Mason as to how he should live his life; honestly, upright and dependably.

Although there are many theories, some exoteric others esoteric, relating to other meanings of the square, for me the most important is to be an upright man, fair and honest in my dealings and an example to Masons and non-Masons alike.

Remember that every one of us is the outward appearance of our Great Fraternity. The actions of one falls on us all, good or bad. In today’s often troubled world, let us be the positive in what we do and how we act. My Brother, live your Masonry. I look forward to seeing you in Lodge.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

John L. LoSapio, Jr
Worshipful Master