February 2019

My Brothers,

Every man joins Masonry for a different reason. Some men join for enlightenment, some for helping others, some for prestige, some for trying to unlock the secrets of the past and the future, some for self-improvement, some for charity…the list goes on and on.

It seems that no matter what the original reason, every man who passed through the inner door and walked the path of the three degrees has taken an active part in Masonry and is changed in some way. The tenets of Friendship, Love, Truth, Relief and Brotherly love ring in our ears and in our hearts. We are modified by the words we hear, by the sights we see, by the lessons we learn and by the people we encounter. The knowledge that we gain through these changes is not easily found, for it requires us to take a long hard look inside. In the end we hopefully learn something about ourselves and grow through all of these lessons. As I think further about this process, I can see that no two people gain the same knowledge nor react to their raising the same way.

As a Chemist, I have occasionally experienced an effect called Synergy. This effect occurs when materials join to create a specific product, but under the correct environment and conditions, these same materials will create a product that exceeds the sum of its parts. Masonry, in itself, is a catalyst for Synergy. It takes men from different backgrounds and cultures – men from different starting states, and though the lessons learned and knowledge gained, makes them into better men. When these changed men work together, the sum of their work is surely greater than any work they could do individually. It is our duty to be both cooperative and collaborative in the search and the Dispersal of Masonic Light and Knowledge. It is our duty to practice Masonic Synergy!

Brethren, I urge you to live your Masonic life fully. Do something with that knowledge that you worked so hard to get. Don’t be afraid to think or to act. Whether you work individually or work together, strive to be more than you were yesterday or a month ago or 5 minutes ago. The work that you do and the work that we ALL do, will continue to increase our knowledge and Masonic abilities, and consequently will strengthen our beloved Craft.

Best Fraternal Regards,

Glenn T. Visscher, DRI, GLT
Worshipful Master